Super Stop & Shop
East Northport, NY

The Super Stop & Shop of East Northport served as the first newly redesigned prototype. The 80,000 square foot project was completed in just 31 weeks.

The goal of the redesign was to create a more customer friendly shopping experience. The new floor plan was designed specifically to enhance the customers shopping flow from department to department, aisle to aisle, in an effort to help get the customer in and out as quickly and easily as possible.

Barrel vaulted ceilings where used to enhance the vast open space. The addition of 54 skylights provides additional lighting during the day, and gives the supermarket a warm and friendly feeling. The Watt Stopper EMS System used controls the internal lighting within the store, by using sunlight sensors to control the lighting, and helping to keep operating costs down.

Interior finishes where upgraded in both the sales area and specialty areas. Simulated wood plank vinyl flooring and epoxy flooring where used throughout the store creating a homier feeling.

  • Project Type:
    Construction of a supermarket
  • Description:
    First newly redesigned prototypical Super Stop & Shop supermarket
  • Owner: Super Stop & Shop
  • Architect:
    Rosenbaum Design Group
  • Construction Cost: $10 million