Modular Additions
Yonkers Public Schools / Yonkers NY

The Yonkers Public School district was looking for a quick, economical way to ease the tremendous overcrowding throughout the district. Modular Construction was the ideal solution. In all, 6 free standing classroom buildings where constructed.

At M L K Junior High Technical and Computer Management School, PS 14, PS 17 and PS 24, two story buildings where constructed each housing 4 classrooms. Each of the two story buildings consisted of eight modules. Each building has elevator shafts as well as internal stair towers installed at the modular facility. At PS 8 and PS 30, single story buildings were constructed, each with two classrooms. Each of the single story buildings consists of 3 modules

Full brick veneer was used to seamlessly tie the buildings in with the pre-existing school buildings. The classrooms featured custom stainless steel bookcases as well as custom mechanical equipment.

  • Project Type:
    Modular Construction of additional classrooms
  • Description:
    Modular construction of 6 free standing classroom buildings; 4 two story, 4 classroom buildings; 2 single story, 2 classroom buildings.
  • Owner:
    Yonkers Public School District
  • Architect:
    C. Schmidt Architects
  • Construction Cost: $3.6 million