COVID-19 Important Update

Hello Fellow Axis, ABC and McHugh Employees -

The following and the attached documents will provide an update to our previous communications regarding the evolving spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The health and safety of all employees, trade partners and workers continues to be our top priority. We continue to take steps to keep everyone healthy reduce the risk of contracting or spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Please read this entire email as well as the attached documents.


We are creating an update to the Axis website will have all the latest information regarding the virus itself, the symptoms, what we can do to prevent the spread, as well as other relevant information.

Please visit our website on a regular basis to keep informed. We will also be posting this information on BambooHR as well for your use & reference.


Regarding the worksites, we are adding some additional requirements and guidance to what was previously provided. These are mandated, not optional.


  1. EVERY MORNING we are requesting that all supers/safety officers conduct a Safety Stand Down where a tool box talk relating to the implementation of the attached previously issued Acknowledgement Document Policy and the attached Axis CONVID Toolbox Talk Communication will be discussed.
    1. All Subcontractor and vendor personnel will need to be present for this tool box talk.
    2. All Subcontractor and vendor personnel who have not previously signed the acknowledgement must do so. All personnel refusing to do so will not be permitted onto the jobsite.
    3. This procedure needs to be included as part of ALL FUTURE new subcontractor or vendor orientations.
    4. This policy needs to stay in effect, until otherwise directed by the Office.


  1. All sites must have handwashing facilities for workers. Encourage frequent hand washing by all workers.


  1. Limit Site Gatherings / Congregations


  1. The site laborers will be doing frequent disinfecting of the jobsites, but everyone on the site should clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. We are in this together.


  1. Maintain social distancing at all times as appropriate


  1. Limit Leaving and Returning to Site as Much as Possible, Encourage Workers and Staff to Bring Lunch from Home



Regarding the offices:

  1. All employees must email or text me with when they would like to stop in the office to work or pick-up/drop-off items. No one will be denied the opportunity to go in, but in order to tract who was in and when will help with the possibility of notification should this devastating virus hit our family.


  1. When you are in the office, be diligent in wiping areas and in particular machines, doorknobs, light switches, etc. with the disinfectant wipes I have left on all desks & in the kitchen.



I cannot stress enough how serious this pandemic is and to date every one of you has done a great job with being diligent and adhering to the policies and procedures that we keep throwing at you almost daily.

We thank all of you for the dedication being shown and the willingness to work and accomplish tasks under these circumstances and under the new “norms” of communication and work locations.

As said before “This too Shall Pass”. And when it does, we will all celebrate life and what we were able to accomplish together, as a family.


Be well and stay safe,